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Interesting Facts about Polystyrene and its Uses

Expanded Polystyrene is a substance derived from the chemical called […]

Beautifying Your Birthday Party with STYRO UAE’s EPS Decorations

Birthday parties are great ways to have fun amidst the […]

STYRO OMAN: The Leading EPS Material Supplier Even in the International Scene Today

It is a knowable fact that STYRO is the leading […]

The Main Reasons To Use Precast Insulated Walls in your Homes Now


STYRO UAE provides the core materials for EPS insulation panels, […]

STYRO DCL Certified Products – A Proof of Credibility as an EPS trusted Factory

It is a known fact that it’s not easy to […]

What are the top and unique features of EPS pontoons from STYRO UAE?



EPS For pontoon are used in the marine industry. In […]

STYRO Created EPS Decorations for Enterprises To Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2018

As the leading EPS manufacturing company in the UAE, it’s […]

Why is STYRO’s EPS Packing and Packaging Products a good choice for your enterprise?

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is one of the best materials that […]

EPS Sheets and Styrofoam Decoration that you can do this upcoming Eid!

Time flies so fast and the next we know, it’s […]

An Overview of Back-filling: Its Procedures and Materials Used

First of all, what is back-filling?

Backfilling is the process of […]

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